The new Devil May Cry reboot has been a bit controversial for making some pretty big changes. Now the demo is out there and people can get a real feeling for whether the game is going to feel good or not. It’s certainly going to be very divisive.

I for one really enjoyed playing it, but I’m saying this as someone who could probably be considered as a sort of casual player of previous Devil May Cry games. I’ve never really been into the story of the games, really dislike the music, but I’ve always found fighting demons in each game incredibly fun.

Oddly enough, I’m very interested to where the story goes with the new one, because it’s being handled by developer Ninja Theory, who did a terrific job telling a great story in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. This seems a very different take on what is Devil May Cry, and I for one can’t wait to see how they take existing concepts and apply them in new directions.

I’ve been finding combat very exciting, and already feel a good wealth of options with being able to switch between light, medium and heavy fighting styles by holding down the triggers on the controller.

There’s also two kinds of grappling arm, which can either pull you to things or pull things to you, and I feel that allows for some very interesting manoeuvres when fighting demons. For example, I found fighting flying enemies to be quite fun, as I could grapple towards them and hit them up close with the sword, but also could keep grappling back onto them if I fall a bit, essentially staying in mid-air and not touching the ground at all.

I’m very interested to see how people respond to this, but I’m certain that there are people out there that won’t like it at all, and that’s fine, because it’s certainly different to the games they played beforehand. Honestly I think it retains enough of what it is to be considered part of the franchise, and can’t wait to get my hands on it when the game is out proper in January.