ryan davis

If you didn’t know already, game journalist and Giant Bomb co-founder Ryan Davis passed away on 3rd July. I’ve never met the man, but he’s been a big inspiration to me and a lot of other people.

Even though I’ve never seen him in person, I felt like he’s always been around, ever since I was reading GameSpot, and when he went onto Giant Bomb.

I’d always get excited for when the Giant Bomb podcast came out on Tuesdays (Wednesdays in UK time), and it was always great to hear.

It wasn’t like every other videogame podcast, they wouldn’t just run down the new releases, the games they’re reviewing, they’d talk about their lives. Bug-out bags, barbecues they went to, movies they liked, and other general talk usually filled up the first hour of the podcast, and it was great. I felt like I was listening in on some friends talk to each other, and they all came across as likeable people. That’s why it’s so much more upsetting to lose one of them.

His appearance in the video content on Giant Bomb was not to be missed as well, he could always bring up a good amount of energy and enthusiasm for whatever game was featured in the video.

His talent in writing reviews far outshone many others out there. A lot of writers fall into the trap of listing the good and bad features of the game without making the piece itself a compelling read. Ryan Davis’ reviews were very compelling reads, while still also managing to highlight exactly what was good and bad about each game. Just take a look at these examples.

Games writing needs more people like Ryan Davis, he had a sincere passion for videogames and the work he was doing in the industry. It’s incredibly sad to lose someone like him, I give my condolences to his friends, his family, and everyone at Giant Bomb.